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DJ Spider

I've been a professional DJ for a stupid amount of time and Mash-Up producer since 2004.

I love music but playing it night in night out, you can soon tire of your favourite tracks and the audience do too as they walk into any venue and hear the same tunes over and over! Mash-ups can give them a fresh sound and an alternative to the original. That's what remixes are about, after all.

I enjoy mixing old school (skool :-) with new as it can bring older material to a fresh audience! The record companies will, one day,  latch onto the fact that they can utilize their back catalogue.


Click here to read a quick item about me in the 26th March 2012 edition of TNT Magazine!

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I hope that you enjoy my mash-ups, I earn absolutely nothing from them as the copyright remains with the original artists. However, if you find that you have some kind of disposable income, please feel free to donate some Wonga via Paypal to help towards the running costs of this site, thank you!

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Bunga Bunga

37 Battersea Bridge Road

I'll be playing some fun party pop and hosting the karaoke and introducing the live acts. It's gonna be a lot of fun! :-)

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2011 - Present
Please come and see me at Bunga Bunga soon! The Most Fun Place That I Have Ever Worked!

See the video here

January 2016

First Mash-Up of 2016

April 2016

Second Mash-Up of 2016

January 2015

First Mash-Up of 2015. Still doing the business today!

So the Marvin Gaye family win damages against Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams to the tune of $8,000,000

Apparently, my mash-up was the first ever to be played in a court to prove the point. I think the Gaye's owe me (??)!

Unfortunately, if songs never sounded like each other, I would never be able to produce mash-ups! There's only a finite amount of notes and probably a finite combination of them...

So every mash-up that I've made means that all artists concerned can sue each other! A bit of a bag of worms!

Sitting on my hard drive for a while, decided it's time to give it an airing!

November 2014
Thanks to SoundCloud & HearThis for deleting my track, d'oh!

After 2497 plays and 288 downloads, here it is again on!

03 December 2013

Spider's Mash-Up Mix 2013 by Dj Spider on Mixcloud

25 October 2012
DJ Spider
This is my second original production.

A little Latin House with Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet and Spanish Guitar!

Available now on iTunes!

Please click here to listen, buy and leave a comment!



Wednesday 04 July 2012
Spider's Greatest Mash-Up Hits Vol. 01

Available now!


Black Eyed Peas vs. Kings of Leon.
Bobby Glasspiee has done a great re-edit video of one of my recent mash-ups! This is one of my own personal favourite mash-ups too! Always, gets the crowd jumping!!

This track Can also be found on my Greatest Mash-Up Hits vol. 01
djspideruk's Mash-Up Artwork 2009 photoset djspideruk's Mash-Up Artwork 2009 photoset
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