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I've made around 400 mashups (most of them are ok!?). Here's a selection of videos...

INXS vs. Madonna...

Suggested by Bobby G who also made the fab video for it!
Unsurprisingly, not too a difficult mashup to piece together!

Black Eyed Peas vs. Beyonce - Where is the Summertime?...

This was one of my tracks on Summer Booty 2018. Another great video by Bobby G

Madonna vs. Lady Ga Ga - Alejandro Bonita ( 2018 Remix)

Made this a few years ago but just remixed it for current flavours. Once again, massive thanks to Bobby G for doing a Stirling job with the video!

Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa vs. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally One Kiss

Here's another video of my latest Mashup (June 2018) by the fabulous Bobby G!

Chic vs. Rihanna - Shut Up and Dance Dance Dance

I originally made this in 2009 and now revived with the fab video by Bobby G!

Soul II Soul vs. J Balvin vs. Cameo - Word Up It's Back to Mi Gente

Here's a video of one of my latest Mashup (June 2018) by the fabulous Bobby G!
This track also appears on Summer Booty 2018

Video: Soul II Soul vs. Geroge Michael.

Made the track as a request from Bobby Glasspie who subsequently made this fab video of it!

More videos will be added soon!